Dear Iain   I was glad to shake your hand at the Remembrance Day service on Church Green Road.   I put finger to keyboard now with some weariness after the events of Wednesday..... The primary event I would highlight from Wednesday is the judgement from the High Court, which did not surprise me, that the VIP Contracting lane was illegal. I have plenty of experience in fair procurement and this was not fair procurement. I referred to this in my previous letter which you dismissed, but the High Court has now confirmed the illegality of this. How dreadful that when the health of the public should be the first priority, friendships are given a higher priority.   I in fact consider this a more grievous breach of trust that the various Downing Street parties. However, I do also consider it disgraceful that the Prime Minister should : Attend an event which was very clearly a party when the rules forbade that, breaking the criminal law as he did so Earlier, lie to Parliame

The videos for regional and national pro-European protest ahead of the Manchester Conservative conference

 From "Facts About Brexit" Coinciding with a regional and national pro-European protest ahead of the Manchester Conservative conference, led by Manchester for Europe and Grassroots for Europe... ....the social media messaging platform <<Facts about Brexit>> is delighted to bring you a set of 12 sp ecially compiled cameo messages from campaigning author, producer and blogger Mike Cashman, a sampler of his widely followed platforms on the Youtube channel Britannia Waives the Rules at and at  . These sites feature extracts from Mike's full-length Brexit musical “Brexit’s a Musical Trick” which reuses (under copyright licence) every major tune from Les Miserables - and his COVID-19 musical “I don’t beg pardon, I’m talking bollocks from the Rose Garden” which deploys a more eclectic musical mix ranging from Gi

Why severe impacts of covid will now get much much worse

  Let’s just identify some conclusions which seem to be unavoidable 1. Cases are growing exponentially (eg doubling in two weeks) The ratios of cases to hospitalisation and of hospitalisations to deaths are much lower than in the second wave. But as soon as we say that there is a ratio, it follows that if cases grow exponentially, the other statistics do too, just from a lower base number. Don’t be misled by those graphs where the lines of hospitalisations and deaths seem to be growing at a slower rate. Hospitalisations lag cases, and deaths lag hospitalisations. Shift the lower lines to the left to recognise that lag, and their growth rates will look much worse 2. in fact hospitalisations do indeed seem to be doubling. ( “ I work in an NHS Covid ward – and I feel so angry“ Guardian article) 3. The government just hit the accelerator pedal. All the way. Floored it. All the restrictions gone. And one thing about this accelerator pedal is that when you push it to the floor, you can’

Uk for Rejoining

  UK for Rejoining (UK’s Coming Home) Mike Cashman Commentary “This is good news for the whole nation” “We are a creative people, we are positive” It's coming home. It's coming home. It's coming. UK’s coming home. “We’re going to go on to greater things, to greater things, to greater things” It's coming home. It's coming home. It's coming. UK’scoming home. its coming home. It's coming home. It's coming. UK’s coming home. It's coming home. It's coming home. It's coming. UK’scoming home. It's coming home. It's coming home. It's coming. UK’scoming home.   Everyone seemed to know the score. They saw it all before. They just knew. Were so sure. That we were gonna Throw it away, It was done as they say “Gotta do it my way,” But I remember Had enough of blag Always saw this coming, Twelve stars on the flag, UK for Rejoining,   So many steps, so many talks But all those Rejoin

Meaty First Caller - "Indian variant" B1617 - transcript of Mike Cashman on BBC Radio 4 Any Answers 15 May 2021

  Anita   Anand ( 00:00 ): Let’s start with the news of the Indian variant, the announcement that we've got to go carefully at five o'clock yesterday, Michael Cashman. You're our first caller on this. What did you make of it all? Mike Cashman   ( 00:11 ): Hallo there Anita, I wish that people who spoke about this on the radio understood the maths. We've had both the prime minister and Niall Ferguson saying it's relatively small numbers - and the Prime Minister actually saying, if we saw exponential growth, then we would have to do something about it. We are seeing exponential growth, now. It's tripling each week is what we've seen, Now the government is wrong to block surge vaccination in Blackburn, Bolton, and so on, because that could have a real impact. And you know, I've heard people say, “Oh well, but the vaccine takes three weeks to take effect”; Anita I'll give you a statistic. If it's tripling every week, then in five weeks, it mult

Covid situation in India tragically illustrates the impact of "taking it on the chin"

  The Covid situation is India is a humanitarian tragedy, I hope the UK  can help further. The DEC Coronavirus appeal has been extended to cover India The situation is also, if we needed one, an illustration of what could have been the impact in the UK  of “letting the virus move through the population” , “taking it on the chin”,  and of not locking down while other countries do so, to avoid (in the words of Johnson’s Greenwich speech), going “beyond what is medically rational to the point of doing real and unnecessary economic damage”. There is debate as to whether Johnson shouted “let the bodies pile high in their thousands”  and thereby demonstrated a lack of empathy with the bereaved and a lack of caring as to how many would die. But after three fatal decisions to delay lockdowns, and after his refusal to meet families of the bereaved, there can be little doubt about the lack of empathy, or of his continued  inclination towards an approach that would have led to a disaster whic

Northern Ireland Protocol requires replacement rather than sandpapering

  Boris Johnson wants to tweak the Protocol  that he imposed using a bit of sandpapering. Let us take a historical perspective. A hundred years ago a settlement was imposed that established the border between Northern Ireland and Eire. This resulted in widespread discontent in many communities.. Sandpapering was considered then, with minimal effect. In 1998 after extensive consultation a scheme was devised involving all players which had the broad consent of all communities – much more than any previous arrangement, anyway– and the proof of that pudding is in the subsequent relative peace. In 2019-20 a scheme was devised by Boris Johnson which had very little consent and was imposed on Northern Ireland. History tells us that such a scheme will not last. What about Brexit overall? Over 2016-2020 a scheme to substantially degrade our ability to trade with the EU