RE: The need to consider seriously how to implement the proposed Northern Ireland protocol - lengthy email to MP and Michael Gove

From: Mike Cashman
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Subject: RE: The need to consider seriously how to implement the proposed Northern Ireland protocol
Dear Iain Stewart INTRODUCTION I write in connection with previous correspondence (December 2019) where I observed as follows (full email in email chain below) . Before retirement one of my major roles was to help UK Governments – and others - out of significant problems with major programmes and projects
The potential Northern Ireland protocol is clearly a business and systems disaster waiting to happen. There’s an unclear requirement, a management imposed-deadline with no reference to feasibility, an uncertain regulatory environment with two supervisory bodies renegotiating their relationship, a large and diverse user base including government and businesses in various locations, and no d…

Why does UK Government require rigour for emergency work for everywhere EXCEPT the UK?

The UK Government demands a high degree of rigour for all UK public money spent to alleviate emergencies. I know this well from conversations with Department for International Development people across the table in Kenya, in Ethiopia, in Sierra Leone during recovery from Ebola, in Jordan in preparing education work in rebel-held Syria territory - as also elsewhere with other funders. .Or. to be more precise - the UK Government demands a high degree of rigour in all countries where our Government spends such money, with ONE exception. That exception is money spent in the UK, where Government Ministers are blatantly allowed to mark their own homework without independent evaluation of the plan and the results, Yes, even in an emergency, even in the toughest times with Ebola in Sierra Leone, we were required to be rigorous. And if we had not we would not have succeeded in eradicating Ebola from Sierra Leone with less than 4000 deaths.
If I had said to DFID people "the test is in the …

The following are not valid reasons to stop me from making constructive suggestions to this Government

Dear Tory friends and Tory trolls
I am trying to prevent people dying by making constructive suggestions as to how the likely future death toll could be reduced.
The following are not valid reasons to stop me trying to do this Boris Johnson is trying his best. He has been working hard ever since he became Prime Minister (He hasn't)There's a picture of BJ looking a bit wrecked from 18 years ago.(and your point is...?)No-one foresaw this epidemic (They did).He is following the science. (He is not, SAGE is secret and infected by Dominic Cummings and has been attended by Cummings associates with commercial interests. Science involves publishing results so that other scientists can comment).Other Governments would have done just as badly. (Not if they hadn't run down stocks of PPE).We should not compare with other countries (like the UK Government did until the comparisons became embarrassing)Many other Governments around the world are doing just as badly, (They aren't)BJ ha…

Do not be satisfied with a Covid-19 reproduction ratio of 0.9

There has been much attention on seeing the covid-19  reproduction ratio below 1.0, and an assumption in some quarters  that 0.9 is “good”.
In fairness Prof Whitty emphasised that much lower would be better.
It is true that at 0.9 the disease should eventually die out in a given population.
But if the disease follows the mathematics, then an initial 1000 cases will cause, during successive generations of infection, the following numbers of cases: 900, 810, 729, 656, 590 etc …. approaching another nine thousand cases  in total
The expected further cases for various values of R,, the reproduction ratio on the same basis, are as follows R
Expected further cases 0.9
9000 0.8 4000 0.7 2333 0.6 1500 0.5 1000 0.4 667 0.3 429 0.2 250
The dramatic difference in further cases between 0.9 and 0.8 demonstrates the value of effective measures to avoid the spread of the virus.. While it is difficult to assess R exactly, do not let us be satisfied with 0.9.


Should the government be accountable for its coronavirus plans?

Let me try hard in this to say things that hopefully will be significant, and indeed thought-provoking, but that I hope people would not disagree with..
Just try reading these 8 headlines. If you agree with the headlines, then is that consistent with what you are posting or re-posting? 1, THIS TOPIC MATTERS
At least 26,000 people have died and many more will die. If there are better ways to handle the crisis then it is valid to consider them. 2. GOVERNMENT HAS A DUTY
The first duty of a Government is the safety and security of its citizens - it's not the duty of the citizens to look after the Government and keep it free from criticism. 3 THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A COUNTRY OF FREE SPEECH.
Banning some reputable journalists, or all journalists, has no place in a democracy. Other countries without free speech are available if that's what you are looking for. 4. DEBATE THE TOPIC, NOT THE PERSON.
"You're just saying that because you are" - pro-Tory, anti-Tory, pro- or anti…

Can Christians have respect for authority when authority does not seem to command respect?

“Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong; “ Psalm 37
I am writing for those Christians who are concerned at deceit in our politics. If you accept political deceit then I do not know how to convince you, but this article will most likely not do that. But if you are concerned as I am, how do we reconcile that with respect for authority? How, for example, do you respect authority if your figure of authority encourages you to drink disinfectant?
A quick summary of what is covered in this 1800 words: ·How do we have respect for authority when figures of authority do not command respect? ·Can we understand how we reached this situation?
·Are there such concerns in UK as well as USA?
·Psalm 37 tells us not to fret, to refrain from anger. ·There are voices arguing against making political capital out of this – which are intended to shore up support for the Government, i.e. to make political capital out of the situation ·What is the role of Opposition? Can we ch…